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Make an Online Offer!

Now active & “Free” to all of our clients!


Top Guns Real Estate Network has just launched our latest amazing, digital real estate innovation:

Make an Online Offer!

We have now officially launched an REIV approved, legally binding, “Online Property Offer” facility on our website.

This amazing inclusion is “free” and fully compliant with governmental legislative requirements relating to purchasing real estate in Victoria.

Fast Facts!

Did you know that 70% of the total amount of property sales achieved in Australia are by private treaty?

Auctions only account for 30% nationally, so up until now, there has never been an online alternative, which caters to sales by private treaty campaigns.

Well, that has now changed forever!

“Make an Online Offer” is perfect for anyone, who prefers the sale by private treaty process, and let’s face us, the majority of buyers do.

It facilitates a discreet and incredibly convenient pathway, to making online offers, on properties listed at, anytime, anywhere on any device!

It also completely removes, which to many buyers, is the often stressful and intimidating process, of negotiating directly with a real estate agent, face to face, etc.

Sure you can still negotiate the traditional ways, for example, face to face, or over the phone, but the “Make an Online Offer” platform offers exciting and simple alternatives, to buyers who are seeking other methods.

In summary, how it works is, where you see the image below on a property listing, means that the property is available to genuine buyers, to “Make an Online offer!”

So simply, click on the “Make an Online Offer” button located at the bottom left, of the property listing page and follow the instructions.


You will be asked to register your identity and intentions, to make an offer, by simply following the step-by-step prompts. From there, you will be quickly qualified, via an independent third party and highly secure registration process.

Once accepted, you will immediately be permitted to make an offer online, against the property of your choice.

Unlike an online auction, where you will be working against a count-down clock, or set day/time, etc. you will have the complete comfort of being able to make an offer at your convenience.

However keep in mind, that other buyers will also be making online offers, so we recommend you submit your offer as quickly as possible, so you give yourself every chance of being successful overall.

The entire process is completely confidential and secure from the outset. The process continues to be overseen by the listing estate agent, of the property in question. Nothing has changed in this respect.

Once the vendor of the property receives the offer, they can either accept it, refuse it, and/or request further negotiation, etc.

All of this takes place on the “Make an Online Offer” platform!

Once the agreement has been achieved, the vendor countersigns the offer and it is now legally binding. Deposit details are then provided confidentially to the successful purchaser.

Of course, you are still entitled to all your traditional property purchasing rights, provided under Section 31 of the Sale of Land Act 1962.

Simultaneously, once the offer is submitted, you will receive a copy of your offer, along with easy instructions on how to, modify the offer, in any form or way, as part of the natural negotiation process.

COVID-19 Lockdowns disrupting the sale of your property?

Not us!

Essentially “Make an Online Offer” provides a simple pathway, to purchase a property, in the event of any COVID-19 lockdowns/disruptions, etc. where on-site auctions and in-person offers, cannot take place.

“Make an Online Offer” is an online purchasing alternative that can be utilised anytime, anywhere.

I can even be utilised where the vendor wishes to run an online campaign, in conjunction with a normal sale by private treaty, selling campaign, etc.

In addition, another added benefit is that it opens your property up to an entirely new buyer market, including regional, interstate, and even international buyers, etc. who might not otherwise, place an offer under normal circumstances, due to language barriers or time zone differences.

It’s just another reason why selling with Top Guns Real Estate Network, is the ideal choice when selling your property.

Also don’t forget, it’s free!

Take a look below at our very first listings, embracing the “Make an Online Offer” feature.

What are you waiting for, “Make an Online Offer” now!

2/174 Charman Road, CHELTENHAM VIC 3192

180 Centre Dandenong Road, CHELTENHAM VIC 3192