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Top Guns Real Estate Network, prides itself on cost-effective value for money property leasing campaigns.

Having our own equipment, 3D cameras, drones, and much more, means we offer for “free” what our competitors charge you for through external sources.

  • In addition, we offer “best in industry protections” including “Free 3D Virtual Property scans” with every new rental property we manage.
  • Automatically generate guided tours to walk your customers through the highlights of your property
  • Create 4k print-quality photos [with the Pro2 Camera]

  • This guarantees that there are “no issues” when it comes time for the tenant to vacate and eliminates any potential disagreement between the landlord & tenant, over damage, etc. which may have occurred during the tenancy period.
  • This gives the utmost peace of mind for all parties involved.

Furthermore, just because it is free, doesn’t mean the quality is compromised in any form or way. In fact, we stand by our quality overall and can guarantee and premium service, with all our property management offerings.

Better still, we are a real estate network, servicing every suburb of Greater Melbourne & beyond. So you can be assured there is a local Top Guns Elite Property Manager nearby to where you reside.

3D Mapping Protection = Peace Of Mind

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