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Our Story, About Us

Gone are the days where people browse traditional real estate agency shop windows. In such a fast-moving environment, only genuine digital pioneers will lead the revolution that is already taking place.

At Top Guns Real Estate Network, we know this, and we have taken it upon ourselves to be at the forefront of real estate in Greater Melbourne and become your trusted partner in this new real estate paradigm.

Real estate, as you know it, is already history for us. Whether you have a desktop P.C, tablet, mobile phone, or laptop, our team has designed for you an unrivaled experience, which facilitates effortlessly, the most successful real estate transactions in the market.

Along with Greater Melbourne’s finest real estate agents, by using groundbreaking marketing & strategies based on our own research, we are recognised for the level of engagement received from our users, our unique approach to targeting genuine buyers, and in short, an outcome far beyond our clients’ expectations.

Cost-Effective, Premium Real Estate Solutions

We sell properties in the following sectors, along with providing comprehensive PortFolio & Property Management services throughout every municipality and suburb of Greater Melbourne & beyond.

  1. Residential properties
  2. Rural properties
  3. Luxury, Lifestyle & Showcase properties
  4. Off-the-plan
  5. House and Land properties
  6. Rural properties
  7. Specialised and Unique properties
  8. Land
  9. Beachside properties
  10. Developments & Projects

In addition, we provide “free” real estate property appraisals, with comprehensive written reports, by the most skilled and seasoned industry professionals, that you can trust.

So matter where you live, there’s a local Top Guns Real Estate Network expert in your suburb, where you reside.

Top Guns Real Estate Network